In a fast-paced initiative, develop and build-out solutions to challenges facing your organization through radical collaboration and Lean & Agile practices. Internal- or external-facing, product- or service-based our project studios help you build out, prototype and trial in real time your strategic and tactical innovations to ensure that they align with your organization and provide value to your stakeholders, clients and consumers.

You need action. Meet your targets by hacking your org. 

You set the targets and we set up a fast-paced, time-bound, competitive project that brings your team together to solve the challenge. Using a variety of triangulated data sources we can quickly understand which aspects of the build-out are working, which are not and help develop ideas to iterate and pivot the project to ensure you create value.

With our three-phase project framework you know you'll get tangible results: 

  1. Solution Sprint - understand and address the challenge 
  2. Reality Check - put your ideas into practice 
  3. Stress Test - maximize performance 

The coaching and capability development that we provide during your project ensures that your team builds the skills needed to achieve your targets while strengthening your whole organization. 

For more information on how our Project Studios could work in your organization contact us here: